What is the best Philips Norelco shaver

What is the best Philips Norelco shaver

Norelco is the famous American brand name mainly electric shavers. Until the year of 2006, to sell these personal care products to the outside market of United States, the trade name is used as Philishave. Afterward, it renamed as Philips.What is the best Philips Norelco shaver

In the year of 1939, the manufacturing of the electric shavers is started by Philips. The marketing or the introduction about this electric shaver is delayed because of the world War II. This is delayed till the year 1948, in USA.

After the introduction of the two headed model shavers in the year 1951, this product became successful. In, 2006 one new shaver is introduced by them named as NorlecoBodygroom shaver which use to shave the hair of male body.

The marketing of this shaver is created by Howard’s Stern demonstration with the help of audio generation means radio and the online websites. The advertisement was given in Science fiction of advertisements. Also, in 2007 one short narration given by Bruno Avellian. The name of that is Robotskin. https://razorguides.com/

Why the Philips Norleco Shaver?

Philips produces the variety of the razors for sensitive skin of men. It is having excellence reputation in globe. Most of the people recommend this shaver because of the following reason –

  1. Foil or rotary
  • Every electric shaver is available in two type either foil shaver or rotary shaver.

Firstly, the electric shaver of the Foil type was more recommended by the most of men. It is also called Aggressive shaver.

  • The rotary shaver is the new invention of the electric shaver with three shaving heads which are rotating in nature, is also called as pivot.
  • The foil shaver having the best advantages –
  1. No skin irritation
  2. No razor bumps
  3. No razor burns
  • The advantages of rotary shaver
  1. Easily used for sensitive skin
  2. Excellent trimming of hard to reach area
  3. Daily use
  4. Wet and dry shaving
  5. Cord or cordless system
  6. Blade and trimmer replaceable
  7. Price– No high cost

The best Norleco shaver

The best Philips Norleco shaver is listed as below –

  1. Philips Norleco 5570
  2. Philips Norleco 6100
  3. Philips Norleco 2100
  4. Philips Norleco 6700
  5. Philips Norleco 5570
  6. Philips Norleco 9700
  7. Philips Norleco 8900

The best Norleco shaver – Philips Norleco 9700

This shaver is available with the 3 heads. It is mainly used for close shaving. Also used for flexible shaving of neck area and jaw line area.

A smooth shaving of the neck area is done by using this shaver without hurting the neck means no need to twist the neck for shaving. Easy movement along the sharp curves and the angle of the face is specified with this shaver.

The main key features of Philips Norleco 9700

  1. Contour detects
  2. Smart click cleaning brush
  3. V-track precision pro
  4. Digital interface

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From the variety of the electric Norleco shaver, the Philips series is mostly recommended by men which gives clean and fine shave without any skin irritation or burning.