What is the best men’s shaver

What is the best men’s shaver

Shaver is an object used to shave the hairs. Shaver is the modified version of razors. The razors were used in the traditional way of shaving. Shaver can be used for faster shaving purpose than razors. Shaver can be used for different purposes by both men and women. It is manufactured by various companies all over the world.What is the best men's shaver

Innovative technology is used to develop the shaver which is consist of small and more powerful motors. When electric shaver was introduced it was not successfully marketed, the manufacturers made various versions of shavers so as to get the higher market place.

Changes made in the shaver throughout:

As shavers were introduced they were not made to use with the running water it caused the damage to the shavers. So in upcoming years, they produced waterproof shavers so it was easily compatible even when you washed it with water.

Later with more creative technology, the self-cleaning system was added to the shaver. And it was introduced by the Braun company. Braun has released one more version of shaver with four cutting elements and two foil elements. With the help of these, close shave can be obtained. And now it is the fastest shaver of all the time.

Types of electric shavers:

  1. Foil shaver
  2. Rotary shaver

Types of razors:

  1. Cartridge razors
  2. Straight razors
  3. Safety razors

But as electric shavers are more advanced, it is preferred by most of the people over the traditional razors. There are various manufacturer companies of these electric razors all over the world. Some of these companies are:

  1. Remington Rand – first to develop the electric shaver
  2. Braun GmbH
  3. Conair Corp.
  4. The Gillette Company
  5. Wahl Clipper Corp.
  6. Panasonic Corp.
  7. Philips Norelco

Choosing an Best electric shaver:

Many manufacturers give different options of electric shavers to their customers. These are available in most of the local stores and online shops for the customers. It’s important to consider various factors while buying the electric shave. Some factors are:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Habit of shaving
  • How much money you are going to spend onit
  • According to facial hair growth

Some best shavers :

  • Braun Series 9 9290cc

Pros: comfortable, gives a close shave, better for sensitive skin, faster speed

Cons: costly, difficult to clean.

  • Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc 5

Pros: high quality, best for thick hairs and close shave, easy to clean, affordable price

Cons: replacement of parts is costly, bulky shaving head.

  • Braun Series 7790cc

Pros: comfortable shaving, effective cleaning station

Cons:not effective for closest shaving

  • Philips Norelco 8900

Pros: Good for long hairs, less costly, better cleaning system

Cons: not best for sensitive skin

  • Panasonic ES-LV63-S Arc 4

Pros: fast, powerful,sharp blades,gives a close shave

Cons: shaving heads are bulky, part replacement is pricey

  • Remington F5-5800 – one of the best affordable electric shaver.
  • Andis T-Outliner – Shaver used by professionals.

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People must consider their requirements according to which they can select the best suitable electric shavers for them.