What is the best men’s shaver to buy?

What is the best men’s shaver to buy?

The electric shaver is most popular in the market which gives the fine and clean shave without the use of any branded shaving cream. It just needs plain water during shaving. They are available in the market as arranged set with a variety of colours and styles.What is the best men’s shaver to buy?

In the year of 1928, the first electric shaver is launched by Jacob Schick. There are two types of electric shaver is available in market –

  1. Foil ElectricShaver
  2. Oscillatingelectric Shaver

The best electric shavers for men

for looking handsome with the clean shave, every man has to use the shaver from the list of best shavers –

  1. Braun series 9
  2. Philips Norleco 9000
  3. Braun series 9
  4. Remington F5-5800
  5. Panasonic arc3
  6. Philips Norleco 5750
  7. Panasonic arc5

General benefits of the Electric shaver

  1. Shaving is done without any injury on the face or neck of the user
  2. No wetting or lathering required for this of razor
  3. Sensitive skin also able to use this one
  4. It took less time for clean but it is highly rated in the market with the high cost

The key features of the best shaver

  1. Closeness

The beard trimmer is not used for clean shaving. So please do not use it for clean and fine shaving. Use the best electric shavers which gives the fine and smooth shave and looking handsome.

  1. Comfort and convenience

During the shaving, the handling of the shaver is easy for the user. The electric shavers are easy to handle and easily twisted in the critical areas of shaving.

  1. Technology

The modern technology is heavily used in this electric shaver which make them more convenient to use. More powerful motors and the multi foils blades are used in this.

  1. Speed

If the shaver is having faster cycles of shaving that means will give the fine shave in quick time. This feature is available in electric shaver.

  1. Battery life

The shaver must use for maximum 50-60minutes. So, don’t use the high charging shaver.

  1. Durability

The life span of the shaver is long term.

The difference between the types of electric shavers

Mainly, the electric shaver is subdivided into the two types as –

  • Rotary electric shaver
  1. Mainly use for coarse and thick hair
  2. Use limit – twice or thrice per month
  3. High range of cost
  4. No requirement of cleaning
  5. Examples – Philips aqua touch shaver, Umanac SH9000 cordless shaver
  • Foil electric shaver
  1. Use for fine hair
  2. Easy for everyday use
  3. Available at affordable prices
  4. Need to clean regularly
  5. Shaver – Syska SHR626 shaver, Braun series 3 electric shaver

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Compared to the other various types of the shaving brands, the best electric shaver brand is Phillips electric shaver.

It is best applicable for every skin of the men. it is easily affordable and you can use it daily. Most of the people recommend this electric shaver for fine and close shaving.