How to check McDonald’s schedule

ow to check McDonald’s schedule

The second-largest fast-food restaurant is McDonald’s. It was mainly famous for its delicious food products like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and French fries.

ow to check McDonald’s schedule

It provides a delicious food item including cold drinks, dessert, chicken sandwiches, wraps, milkshakes, etc. Recently, McDonald’s modified its food menu items by adding salad, smoothies, fruits and fish products.

In the year of 1940, Richard and Maurice established a small food store. In 1983, the first food store of McDonald’s was opened at San Bernardino, California. There are more than 50000 stores are under the name of McDonald’s, as per record of 31 Jan 2017.

In most of Mc Donald’s restaurants, both services are available means drive though and counter service. The drive through is available in the form of:

  1. MC drive.
  2. Mc Cafe.

Operating schedule of McDonald:

The shifts schedule of restaurant team:

  1. Work for 2 to 7 days of single week.
  2. Shifts can vary from 7 to 9 hours.
  3. Shift 1 – 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
  4. Shift 2 – 12 n to 5 pm.
  5. Shift 3 – 11.00 am to 7.00 pm.
  6. The above listed three shifts are of various most of restaurants. The working hours’ time can vary.

Generally, the McDonalds is open at 8.00 am in the morning and closes at 12.00 pm at night. The time of opening and closing the food store is the same for all 7 weekdays (Monday to Sunday).

Only some of the store is opened late by an hour. But this is depending on the area where the food store is located.

How to check McDonald’s schedule:

If you are new in restaurant team, then you have to ask manager the schedule of restaurant. The manager will give all details of working schedule. Generally, the schedule is stacked on the wall of the crew room or break room.

The crew members of the restaurant are divided into kitchen crew, maintenance crew, Counter crew.

The full-time work hours are nearly about hours of the week. But most workers won’t work in full time shift. Instead they are working in part time hours. If the part time hours been calculated, then it will be nearly about 20-30 hours.

The working shifts are flexible. If you are in hour and can’t work for regular hours then you can tell the manager and leave but you have to do an extra hour work on next day. If you don’t do this then it affects your monthly salary.

There is also one facility for workers as they can work only on weekends but they have to feel up the request of working on weekends on the joining application form.

McDonald’s restaurant – holiday hours

The food restaurant is open on the public holidays also like as Day of New Year, Valentine’s day, Martin Luther King Day (MLK day) Jr. Day, Columbus Day, Mardi Gras Fat, Tax Day, Good Friday, Labor Day etc.

On the following national holidays, McDonald’s is closed –

  1. Easter day
  2. Black Friday
  3. Christmas day

So before going to visit these days, confirm the operating hours of the restaurant because some of the restaurants open in the evening.

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User can check the working hours, holiday hours and all details by using their online app or website of the restaurant.